Level Two. No Not Me.

Level Two – No Not Me.

By Michelle Lloyd.

R V was not sure about many aspects of life.  There were the times when his Mum and Dad would advise him on certain desires of his and he would totally disagree with how sure they were about it, for example if he would like playtime before homework then he was not entirely sure they had the right idea about what should be done when.  Playtime everyone knew, well everyone he talked to in class except the teacher, was convinced and sure that you had to play before you were too tired and so that should of course come first.

In life there may well have been several issues of which R V was not sure but about his ability in the classroom, that was a definite in his mind.  He had a knack for certain subjects and he knew it, his teachers knew it and his parents were aware of it.  At school and in class R V had become used to knowing the answers quickly.  He would put his hand up and his teacher would often, if not always, ask him to show the class how to solve a particular problem.

Lately R V had found that in class he had not been as at ease in giving the answers to the queries of his teacher.  He had noticed several disturbing signs that had stopped him from being as eager to put his hand up or even indicate how quickly he had solved the problem.  There had been little looks sent towards him, secret chats that he thought were about him and sniggers from the classroom when he had tried to answer of late.  All in all R V had felt that he should not answer questions anymore.

In class it was noticed that R V was not himself and this was through his lack of participation.  The teacher made several attempts to include him and asked him if he knew the answer when one particular example came up that no one knew the answer to, but R V stood firm in his No, Not Me response.

New One and Little Herbert had tried to alleviate his fears about his classroom capability but R V was not to be talked out of his decision.  It took a little while for New One and Little Herbert to find out what was going on in their class and why it had seemed to involve so many of them.

Before long R V had been most reliably informed that it was not his answers that had gained attention or caused much of the unwanted classroom activity.  There was a bit of an issue with R V helping out others in their class and those who had not benefited from his tips had started to make life slightly difficult for those who had.  R V, Little Herbert and New One had a chat of their own about this and soon decided that their was a solution that may well put their class back to rights.

The sessions that R V was giving each of those who had asked for help became a group session for the class.  Instead of a few benefiting from what R V knew, everyone became involved and no longer was their achievement a cause for sniggering from those who had watched from the outside looking in.  Too shy to ask for help themselves in having a class session everyone could benefit from what R V could do.  R V learnt that in finding out what the real problem was, he need not have been as keen to stop answering in class and if he had discovered what the actual issue was then he may have been able to get his class life back to how it should have been, a lot quicker.