Level Two. Green and Clean.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Environmental concerns had been top of their agenda at home and school. RV had been engaged in doing his best to keep green and clean. Ideas had already been explored and a class clear up scheme had focused on their nearest public, play friendly areas. These included playing fields and parks.

In several local scheduled and efficiently organised trips the class had been taken out to see the damage that even a little bit of rubbish could do. What had stuck in RV’s mind had been how badly plastic packaging from beverage waste had influenced and hurt their local wildlife.┬áPlastic pollution? Everybody had heard of it and it was a significant subject, they all tried to do their little bit but honestly how much did RV think about it? The answer he had learnt, was not enough.

Not only did RV participate in his class group activity, but he decided to take it further. A lot of the neighbours were very aware of how badly their local and communal areas had suffered at the hand of littering. It had overtaken any other problems that they had experienced. While many wanted to do something about it, nobody had instigated anything practical or proactive. RV decided to act on his idea and he knew that his friend New One would help, because he had worked on a similar theme not too long ago.

Information was given out about the damaging effects of pollution and in response pledges were made to not use certain modes of transport as much. Actively encouraged were people to take to their feet or their bikes. It was a great success and a lot of progress was made.

Before they knew it, that fear and anguish about what to do or if it was adequate was removed and instead a collective success meant that in many small ways, achievements were made. Nearly each time that bit more was taught, understood and learnt about the plight of pollution. One small action could lead to another and slowly a lot more positive actions joined in.