Level Two. Future.

Level Two. Future.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Recently life had been full of problems and significant thoughts about what should be done about those difficulties. Even school life had been influenced by the large scale issues and Little Herbert had become used to doing things slightly differently so as to prioritise matters of health.

None of Little Herbert’s friends had been through the changes of late and talking about their thoughts, feelings and perspectives about it all, had been a focus in class at school. Anxiety about the wellbeing of family and friends was a common concern for the class and having put his own theoretical conflict out there for a bit of debate, Little Herbert had seen the influence of a good bit of Q and A. What did the future hold for them, was his question and he could not think of a better time to raise this query.

The class went silent at that particular juncture. It took a few minutes before opinions started to roll in. First, discussion was had on economical and social matters, the money and means for success in aspects of health for many societies nearly always seemed to have a part to play on other global affairs. It was collectively agreed that the difficulties and challenges of recent times seemed to be incredibly hard to overcome and that responses needed to include a cohesive and positive structure of forward thinking and help.

On, the latter part of the discussion on how medical advancement influenced their lives today. Many felt relieved that such great minds had set to work on helping to bring about a solution to the problem of specific health matters, something which had suffered greatly in many nations. There were questions though on how medical aid strategy was being implemented and if people were being treated as fairly as possible.

There did not need to be a definitive superhero, nor one particular winning role to take the lead, the class communally agreed. Victory could come from many who all made the right move for a positive, stronger and healthier society. The majority of a motivation for improved health and wellbeing came from that desire to look out for each other, as they all felt that tomorrow’s future came from the actions of the generation of today.