Level Two. For you.

Level Two – For you.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It was the time when people for each other did an awful lot,

and for Bunny Junior this was complicated by him not knowing for who to do what.

Everybody had everything they loved, used them well and often too,

to get his Rabbit parents something unique was about all that he knew.

Exactly what they would like was something else indeed,

of them he asked what would suit them and for an answer he did plead.

Not any answer came to him and none his parents said they could tell him about,

his love was more than enough they told him but this solution he decided to flout.

Love was something he could give them at any time of any day,

Bunny wanted something that would be a memory that could for a while with them stay.

A from him to you Bunny Junior knew had to tell them of the meaning in his heart,

but time ticked by and then came the minute from which he from his aims did sadly part.

Resolved that he would not find anything to be his from me for you,

Bunny Junior had all but given up on the love that he had in his heart so true.

It was when grandmother Rabbit to him her gifting did give that an idea did start,

Bunny Junior ran off and thanked her with all his heart.

A make it kit had given him all he needed to give something nowhere else they could find,

a for you love was had by his Rabbit parents and Bunny Junior was no longer resigned.

What Bunny Junior made his Rabbit parents did not already have and in it they could see,

all his love encased for them so absolute and lovingly.


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