Level Two. Feelings.

Level Two – Feelings.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Feelings were something that has been talked about an awful lot,

there were things you should or could do and things that you should not.

New One had heard about almost every one,

his Mum had sat him down many times and tried to make those talks fun.

New One felt he knew exactly what to do,

if someone was sad he could make them happy with a funny word or two.

As for doing things that could sadden people or make them cry,

New One could never understand how people would or why.


The time had come to go and see his lovely nan,

Recently she like the name Nan but New One had tried calling her Grandma or Gran.

Nan was the lady who New One was careful not to make cry,

because her feelings were easily hurt, and she was often heard to sigh.


As New One arrived he gave his Nan a lovely, big kiss,

she was the person in his life that he did easily miss.

Nan smelt of good things and his favourite sweets,

New One loved it when he could with his Nan meet.

This time he sat with her as she gave him a talk about the good old days,

New One watched as she spoke with him about the olden ways.

He thought he saw a tear in her eye as she spoke,

he started to fear he had done something wrong and his heart nearly broke.


It was as she showed him pictures from the book she kept on the side,

New One could see she was crying and from him this she could not hide.

Jokes, games and his most well learnt trick he tried,

it always left his friends Little Herbert and R V with smiles wide.

They did not work on Nan though and the tears came thick and fast,

New One feared that this was the way that his Nan would last.

It was all that he could do not to cry himself and he could not work out what he had done,

he had not done any of the things his Mum had told him could make her sad, not a one.


When New One’s Mum walked in and saw the two,

he looked at her guiltily and prepared to escape off to the loo.

Thankfully New One’s Mum seemed to notice what had made his Nan so sad,

she saw his expression and told him that it was nothing he had done, that made him glad.

New One’s Mum took the book of pictures and showed him Granddad,

he had been a happy looking, fun seeming lad.

New One felt happy as he looked at his Granddad in the book,

it felt like he knew him and it seemed like him a lot he did look.

New One’s Nan kissed him and told him that feelings were the funniest of things,

they could bring you much happiness and all the sadness missing someone could bring.

Nan told New One his favourite funny trick was something his Granddad had liked to do,

when he did it for her it was as if the old memories were once again new.


New One did not know whether feelings were good things or bad,

he certainly didn’t like them if they made you feel so sad.

Then a thought came to him and of something he knew,

as he looked at the picture of his Granddad he knew just what to do.

“Granddad would want you to be happy,” he told his lovely Nan,

he loved the trick but would never do it again and for him it would be a ban.

New One said that he didn’t like her to be sad,

when he said this Nan kissed him and told him he was such a good lad.

Tears are not always bad things and Nan told New One she loved what he could do,

it was as if Granddad was with her again in all that he knew.


When New One left Nan to go home he was left to think,

about what feelings were and how with his life they did link.

Feelings were something that he had always found he easily understood or so he thought,

but from Nan he learnt that he had not understood all that he had been taught.

Sometimes you thought you were doing something for the person’s good,

you would do it because you thought you should.

People were all different and feelings were different too,

sometimes one had to be sad for them to know a happiness new.