Level Two. Excuse me, I booked a table for two?

Level Two – Excuse me, I booked a table for two?

By Michelle Lloyd.


R V, New One and Little Herbert made three,

they all had decided to play a game of hide and go see

The game did cause quite a fuss and New One’s Mum had to put a stop to all the fun,

all the noise, the clatter and the need to run!

Little Herbert’s Dad had said the three could go to play at his shop,

the shop was one filled with all sorts of toys, a place the boy’s found hard to top.


On arrival the boys set out to play, it had already been quite a day.

The back of the shop was left for them to use, cleared as it was there was little it seemed with which to be amused.

The boys looked around, all sad and glum, there was little left to be said or done.

New One to R V did look, ‘What are we supposed to do?  There isn’t even a book.’

Little Herbert walked around the room, there was none of the toys that were out the front,

in terms of games and things to do at the shop they had taken the brunt.


The boys looked around, Little Herbert’s Dad talking in the shop was the only sound,

the three walked out and looked about some more…

there was the empty looking shelves behind the door.

‘We are bored!’  The three chanted to Little Herbert’s Dad,

all three boys upset and sad.

‘Boys surely you can find something to do, use your imagination for an idea or two…’

The answer had done little for the three,

who returned to the back of the shop none too happily.


There looked to be nothing to do,

shelves were empty, material covered an abandoned crate with the words TAKE A PEW!

New One and R V were left to face the utter shame and disgrace

of being left to sit, do nothing and live life at such a boring pace.

All of a sudden Little Herbert called them over to the other side of the room,

the boys joined their friend and discovered all too soon,

that imagination really was the key

to a world where games ruled and the boys could dictate what could be.


A coloured felt tip borrowed from the shop a lovely sign did make,

the old, unused curtains the boys used for their entrance’s sake.

Unwanted objects from the shop though they were only a few,

New One and R V made into items for their establishment anew.

The abandoned crate a table top became,

a café which no one had known about now bore their name.

New One, R V and Little Herbert too,

were at their busiest serving their diners and a lot of fun did ensue.

Little Herbert’s Dad walked past, aghast at the peace that had come to pass,

he stopped to have a peep at what was to do,

and was confronted with New One claiming ‘Excuse me, I booked a table for two?’

Little Herbert was quick, with his reply he did not miss a beat, ‘Certainly Sir, will you please take this seat.’

The once vacant and tired room was busy with hasty activity

as New One, R V and Little Herbert, the conscientious three,

had turned a once ordinary back room into a successful café.

In terms of stuff there had been practically none,

but the laughter and enjoyment had from their imagination come.

The time R V, New One and Little Herbert had in that tiny café,

was amongst the most jubilant they had of the entire day.