Level Two. Dillon.

Level Two. Dillon.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Dillon meant many thing to many… he could be a bit of an annoyance, noisy, smelly, he was difficult to talk to because he did not give away all that much and it has to be said that on top of all of these attributes was the fact that he was a much loved member of R V’s family.

R V loved Dillon an awful lot but it had not always been that way.  There had been a time when R V was unsure about what to do with a little brother.

What did one do with one of those?  You know, the little bros or sis type extensions that could come into the family and well… turn everything absolutely upside down.

R V had felt that he could cope with a Dillon, but then overwhelmed had he become by questions and thoughts on what he would need from him and what he would be like to look after.  Basically it had been a bit of an ordeal but a good one and a life lesson that had meant that experience gave a unique kind of wisdom to everybody involved.

Dillon was an integrated member of the family.  R V had to admit, that of late, he had started to feel a bit conflicted about exactly what Dillon did mean to each member of his family.  Was he a son to his parents?  A brother to him?  Could he be both at the same time?  It did not feel like it because when Dillon was around, it seemed like he had to be at the heart of everything.

If Dillon did not get tended to straight away, then cry he would till he got his way.  R V had gotten used to this type of behaviour but he had to confess that when he had brotherly time with him, he always felt far less panicked and put out about it.  R V loved to play with Dillon and often the two could be found engaged in games.  When his parents got into the fray though, it could quite easily go wrong.  Dillon would undoubtedly need attention from them and try as he might R V felt pushed aside as all the fuss would be made.

The family had tried several different attempts at trying to improve the situation.  Mum would sit with R V, while dad would tend to Dillon but then always something would go wrong and everybody would be diverted from what they were doing.  In the end it was decided that Dillon needed to get acquainted with the family’s way of doing things but that was an almighty fail as soon enough he was the one taking the lead.

Dillon loved to be the one everybody watched, played with and talked to and while R V understood that his brother was younger and more vulnerable than him, he had to say that it was not always easy to be left out.  It was one afternoon that everything changed.

Dillon’s mum and dad became aware that everybody was getting muddled up with what they needed to do and a certain youngest member of the family was telling each of them what to do and how he liked events in the household to be… A new routine had to be introduced.

R V, mum and dad worked as a team and through a mix of play, Dillon started to learn that they could all spend time with each other and not demand all of anybody’s time.  Everybody became far more at ease with how they could interact with each other and Dillon being passed from one member of his family to the other became far more adept at learning who they each were individually and how they all mattered so much to one another.