Level Two. Conservation Cast.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Conservation was key in providing, and then maintaining as natural a habitat as possible, for wild animals.

Even the idea of losing any species of animals made Little Herbert’s heart beat that little bit faster. He listened and learned about conservation as a concept. At school he had been introduced to the idea but ever since Little Herbert felt a full on focus for accomplishing whatever he could towards helping.

It had been a surprise for many in his class at school to learn that each could in their own way, help towards maintaining and even improving conditions for the future. At school, a film had shown them what the environment might look like if certain animals were lost. It was a dire image and one that contrasted with what the class wanted.

Having learnt about a shared responsibility and an ultimate goal, environmental awareness became a very achievable aim. A lot of what was being done came from dangerous pollution and contamination. Simply recycling and being careful with what you put where, would not only ensure that harmful plastics did not get into the waterways and wipe out a lot of the wildlife.

It took a bit of effort to recognise what your day to day meant for the environment but once this was done, it became easy for new ways to replace that of past actions. Little Herbert even introduced his dad to his effort for the environment and his dad’s shop became environmentally aware too.

Little Herbert and his friends all promised that in their own way they would make those little differences, that all added up to making the wild side of life a viable potential for those who truly were so wild at heart.