Level Two. Christmas.

Level Two – Christmas.

By Michelle Lloyd.


It was Christmas and New One knew,

Lana and he had a lot to do.

Cards for friends had to be given with love,

while Father Christmas prepared presents to send from above.


New One had chosen to make his own cards and sign them with a happy face,

but little did he know Lana his dog was trying with him to keep pace.

For every card that New One would draw,

Lana would put a print on it with her very own paw!


It took ages before New One looked at what they had done,

there was a serious moment when no one could see the fun.

New One looked at his home made cards with a tear in his eye,

he thought they had been ruined and it made him want to cry.

Poor Lana could not understand what she had done,

she had only wanted to join in the Christmas card fun.


It was not too long before New One’s Mum came in,

she saw New One taking all his cards over to the bin.

When New One’s Mum asked him what he was doing and why,

he said sadly that they had been ruined and showed her with a sigh.

One little look was all it took,

New One’s Mum smiled and her head she shook.

She explained that Lana had added a bit of a doggy Christmas Cheer,

it was good to be different and of that he should have no fear.

New One’s cards would be the ones that meant the most to his friends,

they had signs of love like no other and with Lana she thought he should make amends.

Lana who had sadly walked away, felt the shame of what she had been up to that day,

it was left up to New One to look at his lovely cards again and to see,

that as his Mum held one up they looked like something he had wanted them to be.

It was his aim when his cards he did make,

for his friends Little Herbert and R V to see the time that he did take.


His cards showed he had put the effort in and that Lana had tried to show her love too,
Lana had only been trying to assist him and of this New One in his heart knew.

Going over to his friend New One sat with Lana by his side,

it was not difficult to see that her sadness she could not hide.

New One’s Mum watched over them as the two friends at each other did look,

one trying to please the other and it was easy to see that the action was mistook.

Slowly New One made it up to his loyal and loving friend,

later that evening together their Christmas cards they did send.