Level Two. Babies and Me.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert was thoughtful and nothing if not an information expert. An avid student of life’s lessons, he loved to pick up facts and where he did this could sometimes pose a bit of an awkward moment.

As he picked up his notebook on the collated information he had gathered, he was reminded of the time when he had been learning about babies. He had seen a pregnant person and that had caused him to think about the reason for babies coming about.

The question about babies and how, was brought up by him when they had been in an information hub. He had thought no better place for it than a library but clearly his dad had not agreed. His reaction of trying to get them out of there as fast as possible spoke volumes. It was only when they were safely out of the building that Little Herbert’s dad proceeded with an explanation as for how that lady had been pregnant and it was not at all as he had thought. There was a lot of love involved he was told, there had been a fairy and a bit of praying and then a baby had been put into the lady’s tummy by a somewhat miraculous and unrealistic, or so Little Herbert decided, means of baby appearance.

Little Herbert had given his dad an extremely unsure look and then asked him if that was really the explanation behind the how, scenario.

In the end, Little Herbert’s dad had to take them to the library again and take out an age appropriate book which explained exactly in biological terms and plant like imagery how pregnancies took place.

It was a lot for Little Herbert to take in and certainly the explanation was more than what his usual questions, received. It had been an education though and while Little Herbert’s learning had improved his knowledge, he also felt that his dad may have gained inĀ  experience about how to handle his question of how or why something had caught his attention. It had been a difficult scenario but also a useful life lesson for both parent and child.