Level Two. An art from the heart.

Level Two – An art from the heart.

By Michelle Lloyd.


All about sharing R V and Little Herbert knew,

it was a kindness that someone for another could do.

Life was full of dos and don’ts but they had both learnt that to share,

one was able to be a good friend and to show that for them they were there.


Little Herbert had of late taken the life lesson to heart,

he felt at it he was adept, he was a master of the art.

If something was given to him that he did like an awful lot,

he would split it, share it and afraid to pass it out to friends he was not.


That is how he ended up in a bit of a mess,

the whole sorry story he had to his dad confess.

It had started out such a good, happy day,

Little Herbert had felt able to take it on come what may.


It was when the teacher had handed out the tin of break time sweets to share,

that about it Little Herbert had felt by giving them all out he did really care!

It was the way it went that some of his class ended up with more than one,

and some of his friends were having more than their fair share while he had none.


It was something that Little Herbert did not take to heart,

it was noticed by R V though and about it his worries had begun to start.

It was all good and well to see his friend share and share alike,

but it was not fine when it ended in him having returned to him his broken bike.


Little Herbert had promised his dad of it he would at school take care,

but that had been before he had decided to take to heart his life lesson to share.

R V knew that for Little Herbert his good heart did mean,

he was sometimes a little too eager and far too keen.


It was not fair on him thought R V, who loved his friend,

he gave with his heart then was told off by his dad for being too happy of his things to lend.

R V decided of his friend’s troubles he had seen enough,

it was time for him to take action and be a little bit tough.


So it was that R V gave an inspiring school speech and about sharing he did talk,

friendship, it was a two way street, sometimes to show you cared you had to walk the walk.

That was how at the end of another school day,

Little Herbert found his friends acting with him in a sharing way.


Much to Little Herbert’s happiness and for R V it was a good sight to see too,

for sharing became a habit that at school for all the class became true.

If Little Herbert had them a kindness shown before,

then the good deed was returned and many act of friendship he saw.


Little Herbert’s friendship to many in his class, an awful lot was by it meant,

much good he had done when people had needed it through what he had lent.

It was not just by his action his friendship he did show,

it was that he had noticed them and of their need he did know.


Because of what happened and how Little Herbert in so much shared,

he found a renewed appreciation for how someone could show that they cared.

Little Herbert learnt that on friends it was ok to rely,

it was by caring for each other that they all in life could get by.