Level Two.


(The use of TWO and TOO)


Can you share with me?

My name is New One

My name is R V

can you come and share with me?


New One is my name

I know every toy and game.

All the toys belong to me,

it was tons of fun to play you see.

Every ball and car was mine,

I was doing all right on my own, I was doing just fine.

But sometimes playing just for fun,

it is not as good when you are the only one.


My name is R V

I love to play, to imagine who I can be,

I do not have so many toys, I think of games, imagine who I am in a name to two.

Names of jobs, Policeman, Fireman and Doctor too,

I love to think of things I can play,

sometimes being the only one is not all that fun,

I would love to play my favourite games , to share my ideas with someone.


When New One and R V go out to the park, they have a game or two then meet,

New One playing and R V sat on the park’s bench seat.

What is your name?  Both New One and R V of each other ask.

They set about with the names task.

New One starts with his toys to play,

R V watches eagerly and would love to say…

Can you share those toys with me?

New One looks at R V too, he secretly thinks I would love to be friends with you.

They take a minute before they start with each other and the toys to play, the happy two

a car for you and a truck for me…

Together they start a friendship, the friendship of New One and R V.