Level Three. Year in Review.

Level Three. Year in Review.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One was a real stickler for applying what he had most recently learnt to life. He did it because he felt passionately about it. What was the point of learning and not doing? That was how he felt, anyway.

Recently a lot of discussion had gone on at school. Their teacher had taught them about the importance of learning from the past. History had it’s significance and New One understood this, but why the subject had strayed into their other classes and group discussion, he could not fathom.

Having explained about past situations whereby notable people had achieved notable acclaim, New One felt inspired but a bit frustrated by it. Getting more and more unhappy, he learnt about the pioneers of sport and heroic literary figures, but then when he thought about it some more, he could not understand how he could apply any of their dynamism to his everyday.

Noticing that New One had become a bit puzzled, their teacher approached him and listened to his complaint. Afterwards she did something that New One at first found slightly embarrassing but later took to heart.

The teacher stood up at the front of their class and spoke about individual achievement and applying ambition to aims. Not everybody had to achieve in the same field or by using the same approach, what was important was how someone took to their decision to do well and how they surmounted their own obstacles.

New One felt incredulous that he had not got the point of learning from the past sooner. He felt sure that it was not about repeating past achievements or emulating what heroes of history had done, but about learning from their focus and determination. There was a lot to be gained in understanding where people might have gone wrong or not been as happy with what had happened and why this had been. New One believed that in learning from the past, he could make for a better attempt at his own personal goals and achievements.