Level Three. Working it Out.

Level Three. Working it Out.

By Michelle Lloyd.

RV had been a good student and an even better brother of late, having ensured that he was there to help and even teach his little bro the way forward in walking and talking. Now, RV’s family had him to thank for a lot of the lovely, little noises and attempts at toddling about that he had helped to bring about.

Having felt that maybe he had done enough in both areas of school and home, RV decided that it was about time that he put his skill to good use elsewhere. A lot of his friends had started to do a little bit of paid work junior apprenticeships and RV did not want to feel left behind.

A quick chat with his parents on the subject and too even quicker short and unsatisfactory stints at each of their workplaces meant that RV was back to the beginning in terms of his working idea. His friends had all told RV about the feeling of independence that they had gained from earning their own, albeit small but significant sum, even working somewhere while being supervised had given them a lot of experience.

On went the toing and froing between RV and his parents while Dillon, his little brother, avidly watched and got quite excited by it all. On one side RV simply wanted to engage in a junior apprenticeship as quickly as possible and on the other, his parents wanted to take things slowly to be sure and secure in the knowledge that he was safe at whatever he did.

They were working it out, would be the response when RV would ask his parents about a possible work placement. It got to the time when working it out no longer appealed to RV, who wanted to get about doing exactly that, himself.

Time went on and while most of his friends had small part time jobs in different working environments, RV had found nothing suitable. That was until an answer came up in the form of a parent of one of his friends.

Little Herbert’s dad owned a toy shop and while RV knew the layout because of his trips there with his friends, he had never thought of it as a place of work for him before. Little Herbert had told his dad about RV’s apprenticeship dilemma and it was at that moment that he thought he might have the answer.

A job share was developed between Little Herbert and RV whereby they could both take turns and on some occasions work together. The toy shop was a lovely place to work because it allowed RV to get a feel for formal work and he set about making his tone, knowledge and behaviour suit his role.

RV became truly adept at the toy shop and working there, in fact so much so that he was thrown when Little Herbert’s dad told him one afternoon that he could finish early and go for cake. Delight and dismay both caught little RV up and he was torn between the two scenarios. In the end, he had to ask if he would still receive his full pay check if he did go, and more importantly would he still receive his bonus.

Little Herbert’s dad assured him that all would be well if he did finish early and after that little revelation, smiles were not hard to be found.