Level Three. Who to be?

Level Three – Who to be?

By Michelle Lloyd.

At school Little Herbert had been involved in a class project.  It was all about what and who he admired most in life.  At first he had thought this an easy task, he knew who was primarily in his thoughts and so obviously that meant that they were admired by him.  It was only when he really thought about it and was asked to design a project on this that he became a bit reluctant about what he should do.

What did admiration mean?  To Little Herbert admiring meant appreciating what someone or something did.  He could think of several people who he admired and they were his Dad, Grandpa and of course his friends.  Who he should select was the problem?  Little Herbert went to his teacher with his question but her answer did not help.  She suggested that there had to be a basis for his admiration and where his heart went most would be where his project should be focused.

Little Herbert’s heart seemed to go in many directions.  He loved his Grandpa’s inventiveness, he adored the way his Dad could look after him and did so much for him and all on his own, his friends were always so big a part of his life that he did not feel he could leave them out…

The project sat there and was untouched by Little Herbert.  His indecision led to non-committal and a project unfinished.  It was on a trip to Grandpa that Little Herbert felt a bit less stressed by his assignment because there was someone in his life who always appeared to find a way out of anything and they were going to see him.

Grandpa had recently had a slight ear infection and Little Herbert’s Dad had been needed to visit him often.  Little Herbert would go with his Dad and they would make sure that all was as it should be and that Grandpa had been taking his medicine.  Grandpa loved to see them and Little Herbert, as always, was swept up in his big hug of a welcome.

This time, after Little Herbert had been involved in his usual chat with Grandpa, he asked him what admiration meant to him.  Admiration, as it turned out, for Grandpa meant many different things.  He loved lots of aspects of life and that did not mean he appreciated any of his loved objectives less or more for it, he acknowledged and admired them all.  Little Herbert had a thought about this and asked for his help, because without it, he was not sure that he could achieve what he had decided to do.

At school there was the much awaited project reveal and Little Herbert was the last to go up and give his talk on what he admired.  Admired most up to then had been parents, pets, sports and belongings…Little Herbert went up, looked to his class and began.

Little Herbert’s project was about admiration itself.  What admiration meant to him was not something he could split up, he loved Grandpa, his Dad, his friends and they all were his definition of admiration.  His project turned out to be animated and gained quite a lot of agreement from the class, admiration meant who was significant to Little Herbert and his life and it meant everyone who he loved.