Level Three. When New One met the Vet.

Level Three. When New One met the Vet.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One had a lot of responsibilities.  A certain newest member of his family had made themselves at home.  Lana, the dog was loved by New One.  Her arrival had been sudden but she had adapted to life with them as if she had been in their hearts for an age.  Then one day came the news as Mum and Dad had said that if Lana was to continue to live with them then she needed a trip to the Vet.

A vet was an animal doctor, all of this Mum and Dad had explained.  New One looked at Lana as Dad drove them into a convenient parking place.  Lana looked a little apprehensive about the trip, her head was on her paws.  New One understood why she looked so unsure, if the vet was anything like the doctor he had to go to see from time to time then she should be worried.  New One knew all about doctors, sure they would smile at you when you went into see them but then would come the questions, the tapping on the computer and then the would you please go with the nurse for your injection moment would happen.  New One knew about it, he had lived through it, he knew that doctors and most probably vets would be a similar type of oh no experience.

They got out of the car, New One, Dad and Lana.  The last member of the family struggled a bit on her lead and looked as if she was about to do a reverse run.  New One was dragging his feet as he encouraged Lana into the vet.  Dad sighed at the two of them, they looked as if they were about to go into a chamber of horror.  “Will you two please look a bit happier?”  Dad asked of New One.  “This is not supposed to be a terrible experience for Lana, it’s meant to make sure she is healthy.”  New One looked at Lana and exchanged a knowing expression.  Dad meant well but when it came to doctors and vets New One knew that he was the expert.

The vet’s was full of patient and human owner counterparts.  Big, small, shaggy and tall they were all in for some medical issue or other.  Seats were all taken, hair had been shaken and there was a rude smell in the air that indicated that some of those in the waiting room had been nervous about their meeting with the dreaded vet.  As Dad spoke to the lady at reception New One took Lana over to the less crowded part of the waiting room.  Long noses, stubby tailed dogs with interested poses and all sorts of animal faces turned to New One.  Lana whined her opinion about her new found claim to all the attention.  New One agreed, he didn’t like it at all.

Dad walked over to them and nearly flew head first into a wall because a little furry patient had gotten out of his cadge.  New One tried not to laugh as a lady started to try and get the animal’s attention with cries of “Earnest!  Earnest my Darling!”  Earnest My Darling took no notice of his owner and scurried across the floor, legs went up, dogs started to give chase, leads were tugged, barks and shouts filled the air.  Earnest My Darling caused all sorts of emergency buttons to be pressed and the receptionist looked really quite angry as she insisted that all small Rodents should be kept in their cadges.  Even Dad had to cover his laugh with a slight cough as the escaping Earnest My Darling popped his head up from inside one of the other human counterpart’s trouser legs.  The vet called for Lana as the human owner explained to the receptionist that Earnest My Darling was not a Rodent, he was an Exceptional Dwarf Chinchilla.

The vet’s clinic room was peace in comparison to what was going on outside.  New One had almost forgotten all of his fears about the vet as Earnest My Darling had taken up everyone’s attention with his daring dash for a free life.  Lana was up on the table and being examined before New One could say anything.  New One watched suspiciously as Dad laughed with the vet about what had happened in the waiting room, they chatted about Lana and how she had been.  It all looked normal but New One knew that looks could be deceptive.

Lana’s health examination went well.  Before New One knew it the vet had said that Lana looked to be a healthy puppy and that she seemed to be doing extremely well.  Quietly happy about this New One had his first look at the vet and had to admit the experience had not been as frightening as he had thought it would be.  Then came the statement that New One had been frightened of, the vet told Dad to hold Lana while he gave her the injection she needed.  New One and Lana both stopped with their happy expressions.  The vet seeing New One’s look of disapproval smiled.  He explained what the injection was for and why Lana needed it to keep her healthy.

The vet explained all about what he was going to do and when New One felt more reassured about it Lana looked a lot happier too.  When all the danger was explained New One understood why some treatment had to be followed.  He wanted Lana to live a happy, healthy life and he knew that when he thought about it going to the doctors had always ended well for him.  Having had her trip to the vet, Lana was taken out for a treat at the pet shop where another squeaky ball was chosen by her to accompany that of her one at the house.  New One hugged Lana tightly and she kissed him with her doggy kiss as they went in to tell Mum all about what it had been like at the vet and how Earnest My Darling had nearly stolen the show.