Level Three. Walks and Talks.

By Michelle Lloyd.

One day the three friends were collating at their after school meet up session and New One let Lana, his beautiful dog, come in and play with them all for a while. New One started to tell them that they were going to be going out for the evening and Lana was going to be left home.

Everybody knew that Lana was a social dog and being left at home was not the preferred or easy option for her. Putting on their thinking caps, the three friends talked it through and arrangements were made.

Little Herbert recalled how on a previous outing, looking after Lana had not quite gone as planned. This time was different though and dog sitting the excited Lana dog was going to be top priority for him.

Deciding to do a little walk off the stress of the day with Lana, Little Herbert and his dad took up the opportunity to go to their local park. Little Herbert watched with dismay though, as on leaving their house, one of their neighbours saw them and hurried over.

Conversation started, as he knew it would do, and all too soon Little Herbert’s dad had to go into an explanation as for who Lana was and no she was not the newest member of their family. As they talked, talked and talked some more Lana and Little Herbert started to look at each other with what were equally matched tired of this now expressions. Lana was bored, she clearly did not think much of Little Herbert’s dad’s walking skills, this was something she showed as she pulled away from him bit by bit…

Little Herbert tried to tell his dad but he was told off for interrupting. As Lana pulled on her lead Little Herbert had little option but to go with her and so he got a little walk of his own with Lana. She loved her walks and walked the area as if she would win the award for the dog with the most knowledge on location.

Little Herbert strained to keep up with her as Lana did her sniff chase walk where smells would lead her direction and destination. It had meant to be only a few minutes walk away from his dad but all too soon Lana had taken them so far away that he couldn’t hear the conversation or familiar loud voice of the earlier neighbour.

It took a bit of insight from last time’s experience as Little Herbert would not let himself get distracted from his Lana duty. After deciding it best to slow down, he waited for his dad to come but seconds soon turned to minutes.

Lana struggled and strained to get moving and on with their walk but Little Herbert knew that might only get them further from his dad. Using his wisdom, he moved to a visible area where he knew his dad would see them and waited.

Not long later and Little Herbert’s dad caught up to them. He was not too happy about the fact they had left his side, as Little Herbert knew the rule about supervision or appropriate accompanying behaviour. It was only after he had a moment to explain that Little Herbert’s dad realised how sound his judgement had been and that after last time, he had not wanted Lana to simply walk off anywhere.

Having heard him and seeing how well the pair had looked after each other, Little Herbert’s dad told him that he had been impressed with his ability not to get distracted and stick to the job at hand. He added, that no matter who he was talking to, he would still like Little Herbert to notify him if he was walking off but that it seemed as if every time they had Lana to look after, they had the opportunity to learn something new.