Level Three. Tried and Tested.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little yaps, barks and yelps greeted them as the door opened and the suddenness of the new smell and noise had Lana backing out the front yard before they could even get into the house.

What was going on? New One could not believe his eyes when he saw a very small and furry flop eared puppy there on the welcome mat. It certainly was quite a welcome!

As it happened, thanks to Mum’s explanation a neighbour had experienced another little family emergency and the little visitor was to be staying with them for a short while. Honestly, who knew they loved animals?

Well, New One was happy about the piece of news but not everyone was as pleased…

Lana had a terrible time of it, jumping nearly to the ceiling every time the puppy would get near her and New One could not understand why, despite all attempts to appease the two, every effort failed.

Lana did not like the puppy being in her territory one bit and it did not help that the said guest kept helping themselves to all the accumulated dog’s toys in the house. Tried and tested favourites of Lana were being rather roughly tested by the new puppy.

Squeaking toys in puppy’s mouth would have Lana running for cover and New One quickly discovered that being a new body on an older dog’s turf was not exactly easy to get used to at all. The puppy had a few bad habits that they had already trained Lana out of doing and none of the family felt happy about how all the old ways had to be taught over and over and over again, but necessity demanded that everyone get involved, and yes that everyone meant Lana too.

Trips out to the garden for the toilet were needed, wet patches were mopped up and Lana had to do her bit by first getting over her fear of the new furry friend and then easing her out of her chewing on every bit of furniture she could find.

It was the least to say an exhausting visit and by the time the very happy, oblivious little guest had been picked up, the faces of the family said it all and the face on Lana was quite the picture. Thank you for the excitement, but firmly was she sticking to her own ways and what she knew best.