Level Three. The Power of Opinions.

Level Three. The Power of Opinions.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Why had the newspaper made an appearance at school? It was part of the proposed project for each class member to appreciate and remark upon. The history and importance of the newspaper had been a major part of the English and Art classes that they had been jointly learning about of late.

The class had been encouraged to think about why the newspaper in a paper and online form held such an appeal. What did it do for an individual reader and how does it matter to a wider society? In appreciating the look, style and appearance of a newspaper, each member of class had been asked to write and layout their own editorial article.

Excited was not the word for it because Little Herbert was keen as could be about the task at hand. He already had an idea for a story in mind and he set about it as soon as he could do.

Armed with evidence as photos and a story he felt was pretty well put together, Little Herbert, felt that he had done exactly as his English and Art class had taught and asked of him. He had focused on the question at the heart of his article, been Informative, Investigative and Intellectual in his pursuit of the story.

Proudly Little Herbert handed in his piece and smiling widely at his two friends, he was sure that only good could come from it. A mock-up newspaper was put together on the school’s website, this could then show all the parents what the class had achieved.

It did not take long before Little Herbert’s article became a main feature of debate.

Little Herbert, as was his dad and many others, shocked by how quickly the debate took hold. Parents were serious in their opinions because of the article in the newspaper. A school meeting had to be held because of the importance that had been given to Little Herbert’s article.

As Little Herbert sat outside the door of the head for the school, he could not help but think about how differently things had gone. On TV he had always seen people who wrote  for newspapers as eager, go-getter types. They had not ever been anything other than successful in their informative, investigative and intellectual pursuit of the story.

As the door opened and Little Herbert felt his heart beat a little quicker, he turned to his dad…

The meeting with the school did not last too long and as it turned out, it was not half as bad as Little Herbert had thought it was going to be, instead of being told off Little Herbert had been encouraged to take centre stage and speak up about why he had written his article in the first place.

Far from be a reason for conflict, the school had realised that actually many of the opinions were focused on how the article had brought up a lack of safe play areas for the younger generation. It meant that Little Herbert, who had been asked to speak at a public meeting held by the school, could talk about why he had written the article and how he felt that the power of the press could be used.

The article got parents and offspring thinking alike and the power of the press soon got behind the motivated power of the school. A long time had seen debates from the parents over where they could safely go for outdoor pursuit interests. Recent areas being closed down had pushed parents with activities in mind to go further afield for the time together and outside that they needed. Little Herbert’s article from his young view point had only highlighted the plight. The need for a safe play area was brought to light for everybody through his highly emotive wording and opinions of his fellow pupils.

The school decided that they wanted to step in and do something to rectify the situation. It was decided and agreed that along with staff and parents, a proper area would be found whereby the outdoor pursuits of the students could be safely, nurtured. It would mean that along with government initiatives to improve health and wellbeing, the school could take part in helping with a small scale but significant issue. A lot of effort would be needed but it would all mean that the one article highlighted by Little Herbert, it had made the difference where it counted most.