Level Three. Technology High and Lows.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert took to most ideas at school without too much of a fuss. He tried and attempted most subjects with eagerness. It was the breaks and the lulls of the day that could cause the odd dilemma…

It was true that if something became liked, then loved, acceptable it was for that same activity, clothing accessory or idea to do the Lend the Trend all throughout the class. Everybody would have knowledge of it, if not have it and for Little Herbert sometimes this could be problematic.

It reminded him of when it all started and when Lend the Trend had gotten everybody talking about the latest game that everybody had downloaded on to their tablets. At first it all sounded ok and pretty average. A basic game that everybody would start at the same level but then as they went on, in-app purchases meant that they could build on their complexity in task, objective and accomplishments. That is where things got complicated.

RV and New One, both had only recently been allowed to purchase new games for their tablets, and neither had asked their parents about getting this one. When Little Herbert found out about his two friends’ problems it got him involved in trying to find a way of rising above it. They collectively decided to ignore the cheers and smiles of delight at break time, concentrating instead on their own previously purchased games. This lasted approximately two minutes, and before they knew it RV and New One were eagerly playing on one of their friend’s tablets and the new game.

Pleading and refusals soon became the new norm at home, as neither household would contemplate buying a new game so quickly. RV and New One were totally distraught and Little Herbert did not even bother asking his dad about it. None of them felt able to show their faces around the tablet collective posse at school break time, instead they kept themselves to themselves and tried to focus on steadily improving on their own best scores on their already purchased games.

It was unbeknown to RV or New One that a certain famous TV hero of theirs had only that afternoon taken to his social media and emphasised his love for none other, that the game that was not on everybody else’s tablets, but on their own.

Little Herbert was keen to share his discovery with his two friends first and soon enough news got out about this development and every other game was abandoned for the one already proudly featured on two of the tablets in the playground, by which time RV and New One had the highest scores and were in the optimum positions to point out that they had favoured their game all along anyway.