Level Three. Show and Tell.

Level Three – Show and Tell.

By Michelle Lloyd.

R V had a somewhat altered life.  It was not bad and he was not sad about it because this life he had was shared with a little brother, Dillon.

Dillon had adapted well to his situation, he cried when he wanted something and R V, his mum or dad would get the jobs done.  It had of late been a hectic, busy and boisterous life.  There had been adaptions, alterations and R V had just started to get used to having to balance his family and friends’ requirements.

At school New One and Little Herbert had forgiven their friend R V for neglecting them because of the birth of his little brother Dillon.  It had been a struggle at first for R V to leave Dillon because he was frightened that if he did then he would miss out on the newest part of the family doing something for the first time, learning something without him or just missing him.  None of those fears had been appealing for R V and so he had decided to stay with Dillon for fear of any of his thoughts coming true.  Little Herbert and New One had been at a loss without their dear friend R V and after him realising that he could not be without them either they all soon settled back into their trio friendship ways.

R V had been working hard at showing his two friends how much he cared about them, he had been using his spare time at home to make Dillon feel as comfortable as he could in his surroundings because his parents had said this was an integral part of the big brother process.  All round R V felt like he was getting back into his stride and when his teacher stood up to make an announcement about an impending Show and Tell project at school he took that in, as a give it hardly a thought, part of his busy life.

Time went by quickly for R V and with his newest tasks to do at home with his brother and going out to keep up with his two friends, before he knew it the Show and Tell was imminent and with nothing thought of the usual top of his class student was left in a position he had never really known.  Little Herbert was going to Show and Tell about his dad’s toy shop, New One was all set to Tell all about his passion for an Xbox type game and R V was…he felt the stress get to him as he tried to think of what he could Show and Tell.  He had been so busy that nothing had occurred to him.  Little Herbert and New One who were used to their friend being top at everything in school never ever guessed that R V was struggling with the Show and Tell objective.

R V did not want to worry anyone and so he never said a word to his friends or to his family.  He tried to cope with the stress himself, he attempted to and quite honestly failed.  R V’s oddly quiet behaviour was noticed by Little Herbert and New One as he got to the school assembly point, his sulky, stressed out short temperedness became a worry for his mum and even Dillon seemed to be watching him suspiciously from under his infant hoodie.

R V shrugged off the attempts to get him to tell them what was going on.  He went in to class with a heavy heart as he knew that he would probably be the singled out sorry student who had NOTHING to tell at the Show and Tell.  He sat down in anticipation of what was to be and he hardly heard New One ask for him to wish him luck as he went up to tackle the Show and Tell.  It was as Little Herbert whispered to him about how happy New One looked in talking about his passionate pastime that R V had an idea.  There had been a something in his life that had got him passionate, he had expectations about it and shocks along the way.  All of a sudden R V knew exactly what his Show and Tell was going to be about and all he hoped was that he had enough time to get it sorted.

Excusing himself from his class for a few minutes, it was with his teacher’s permission that R V raced out and never was he happier to see his mum chatting to another parent in the playground than at that precise minute.

That was how it was that Dillon made his first early entry into a school class at his young age.  Shown and Told about Dillon was the talk of the class and with R V able to tell everyone what being a brother was about for him, even Little Herbert and New One learnt a thing or two about their friend that they never knew.  Dillon seemed happy about being R V’s Show and Tell as he never cried at all and even managed a few on time smiles for his brother.  It was as if it had all been destined and R V couldn’t have been more happy as he took the class’s applause standing next to his mum and brother.