Level Three. Purpose.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One’s grandma and Little Herbert’s grandpa had been married a while. It had not felt so long to them but to those around them, they had now become a well known married couple.

The grandchildren loved to visit and they would make special dates for family time. When they went around, exploring was something that both New One and Little Herbert simply had to do.

Out came grandma’s boxes of past loved belongings and grandpa would even add in the odd new invention to play with, but this was always absolutely according to grandma’s say so. Nobody wanted a repeat experience of the last, oh no, breakdown experiment of grandpa’s previous invention.

New One liked to look through grandma’s boxed memories and papers. He would linger over the handwriting or the pages that were so unlike the feel of his phone or tablet.

Looking at papers had on one occasion meant happening upon one piece of paper in particular. The lines of poetry had not been clear, not at first and it was not until New One’s grandma took him aside and explained to him and Little Herbert that not everything had to make sense in a certain way and that sometimes finding answers involved greater reasoning. It gave one a purpose.

New One and Little Herbert liked the idea of adding their own reasoning and finding purpose in a task. It was because of this that they had another go.

Even though the words were not all explained line by line specifically, when they thought about it, they started to indicate different ideas. New answers and possibilities started to evolve and both grandchildren learnt that taking time over what they had found could prove extremely beneficial.