Level Three. Professional.

By Michelle Lloyd.

What was expertise?

The term had certainly been used a lot but RV remembered when he had been unclear on what it truly meant.

At school there had been a few show and tell classes from parents who had come in to talk with them about what it was they did at their chosen profession. It was all interesting to the ears of RV but he had to admit that as the talks had been given, he had started to get a lot less clear and a bit more confused each time.

There had been florists, GPs, computer experts and more but RV had found that the more he heard about each one the less sure he was about what his preference for each of them was and what he favoured the least. All the experts had expertise in their own areas. RV could not help but be astounded by how expert they all sounded at what they did and then feel a bit overwhelmed by it all.

RV had felt sad because try as he might he could not ever even imagine sounding that adept or expert at his chosen subject. He knew it was a far way off and he knew he did not have to decide anything but the more he heard different experts talk, the less he felt able to have all that much knowledge about everything.

It took a while for the speaker to finish and then before RV knew it, questions were being asked. Feeling far too overwhelmed, RV did not ask a thing but that was until the teacher, prompted him to participate. She gently encouraged him to ask anything that was on his mind and RV used the opportunity to put his worry out there.

The chosen speaker who had switched careers himself once or twice, listened to RV’s fears and assured him that there was no need to feel worried. Most things in life, he explained, required learning and earning. It was a good thing to do your utmost and as you gained in training, information and experience would become your chosen assets.