Level Three. On Trend.

Level Three – On Trend.

By Michelle Lloyd.

School was full of ideas to think about, issues to include in life and decisions about where one should be and what they should have with them.  New One knew this and knew it well.  He was often first in line to know about what was on trend.

At home New One’s Mum and Dad knew what was on trend because of his quite lengthy depictions of who had what at school and why it was soooooo needed in life.  Often these depictions led to the said on trend objects being acquired and then after a short while forgotten because another latest on trend appeal would become more needed.

It was a lived through example of on trend having a sometimes all too temporary appeal.  This was why when New One approached his Mum and Dad with his latest advice on the object most on trend that he should have, they told him that while it may well be on trend this time he would have to make do with what he had.  New One was taken aback by their response and although he knew that his room was filled with Quite a Lot of objects he had hardly ever used he did not think that was any explanation as for why he should not have the latest on trend object of need.

New One was needless to say not enthusiastic when Little Herbert and R V told him that they had been promised the said on trend object that had been much talked about at school and he felt that his Mum and Dad were so wrong they should be punished by him by not talking to them.  And so the Not Talking to Mum and Dad Ordeal began…Lana, New One’s dog had been included in the arrangement but all too soon it became apparent that it was a forgotten decision in her mind the minute she was asked if she would like to go for walkies with Dad.  New One was not dissuaded by her reluctance to keep in with his Ignore Mum and Dad idea and instead knew he was made of much harder means.

Having seen Lana leave with Dad and New One’s obvious saddened attitude, Mum tried to talk with him.  She explained that it could be almost impossible to keep up with what was on trend and it had been the same for Dad and her when they were younger.  Although New One could not imagine this to be accurate at all, he reluctantly listened to his Mum, who he had to admit was often quite wise.  New One’s Mum told him all about how on one occasion EVERYONE and she meant EVERYONE at her school had a certain must-have accessory, well of course she wanted it too, but it had been a sell out in the shops and it was when she was in the depths of sadness that her mother had told her that she may be able to help her out.  It had worked out that New One’s Grandma had at that time had a similar accessory from when she had gone to school and even though his Mum thought that it looked far too outdated she was sure that she could get away with it.  New One’s Mum had nearly said no to her own Mum’s idea but having no other option she, at the last minute, agreed.  New One found himself listening to the end of her re-telling of a much loved memory with a lot of eagerness and when she told him how on entering the school not only had she not been the odd one out but the one everyone asked where she had gotten her accessory from because she stood out as not just another in a long line, he found that actually his Mum had started a trend of her own.  This gave New One an idea.

New One no longer felt trepidation at going to school without the latest on trend object and instead decided that he would use one of the practically unused but once really appealing objects he had stashed away in his room.  It was excellent, it was extraordinary to New One because when he got to school he did see LOTS of the latest on trend object floating about and for a while he found himself looking longingly at those who had them but then THEY started looking at him.  It took one to ask about what he had and to exclaim that it looked like fun, then two started to become interested in the appeal of it and nearly all his class became intrigued by what New One had and before all too soon he found that he was the one setting the trend.