Level Three. My Politics.

Level Three. My Politics.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One knew exactly what the dynamic of class and school could mean.  You had to be on the pulse of the social scene, in the fray of the frenetic pace of who had done what to who and why who was liked… it was a tough job, but everybody seemed adept at it.

School was a hotbed of discussion and whilst at New One’s class it had to be said that the debate was more of a who was going to be playing this or that at playtime, the intrigue and interest was still something to be revered.  New One and his two allies of RV and Little Herbert were all absolutely eager to get in on the class talk of the time.  It was all too easy though to get a bit carried away with the discussion and this was how all three friends got themselves into a tad of a tricky situation.

The class had been dismissed, the talk had carried the pupils down the corridor and out into the bright lights of break time.  The game had been set and the sides had been chosen, New One had got ahead of the details and he knew where Little Herbert and RV were going to be and so naturally off he went in that direction…

Playtime did go incredibly fast and it seemed impossible to get away from this fact.  On this occasion New One found himself out and about playing with the best of them.  He had been chosen to do the leading and following on were his team.  They had fun and as it happened, he led his side to victory.  It was when at the end of break New One found RV slightly underwhelmed by their mid-afternoon activity that he asked him what was wrong.  His friend reminded him that they had in fact only earlier agreed that they would allocate some of their break time to the game that he had told them about.  It was a traditional pastime of his parents in their school days and a game that they had once loved.  They had all agreed to play the sport based pursuit but had been swept up instead by the chosen class idea.

New One thought about what had happened and with no time left, they had to get back to class without having even attempted RV’s suggestion.  The next day New One decided not to get involved in all the antics of the class game scenario.  They had talked it over and it was RV’s game that they wanted to play.  This did not however go down at all well with the dynamics of the class.

At break time New One, Little Herbert and RV broke off to go and play their game but the rest of the class watched on with a bit of a grimace clearly present on their faces.  It was hard at first to stick to their own chosen game as simultaneously laughter and shouts could be heard from another direction.  Persist they did though and quickly instead of glances sent their way, class mates came a running and asking what it was that they were doing.  It was then that RV explained what the game was and soon many others started forming their own groups of similar activity.

Not only did the new game come traditional roots take on but the class discovered that it was all right to have a variation of a theme.  Not everybody had to follow a similar suit, and when it was thought about no one knew if it was you or me who had started that particular break time scenario.  Instead everybody revelled in the opportunity to use break time to engage in a chosen activity or make up their own, because sometimes invention came from a bit of imagination and a desire to break away from the crowd.