Level Three. Mend.

Level Three – Mend.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Things could be dependable and that was how New One liked them.  He was extremely unsure about something that he had been told had been repaired, fixed or mended.  According to New One if it had let you down once then it was liable to do it again and he would not be letting that happen to him…thank you very much.

It was difficult for New One’s Mum to get him to accept anything that, according to him, had been broken once and that was why everything had to be handled carefully.  This was why when New One heard that Lana had to go into the vets to have her paw treated and mended…alarms went off for him.

Mended!  Lana!  No!  Poor New One was not at all happy about the news and he made it absolutely known to his Mum and Dad.

His protests, his moans and groans were all to no avail.  It was explained that sometimes pets did have to go to the vets and it was important for whatever they had injured to be mended.  New One was not sure about this at all.  His nervousness did nothing to alleviate Lana, who seemed to be on his side, about not thinking the vet was an appropriate idea.

Lana did have to go though and it was with her limping paw that she went in and with four working paws that she came out of the vet.  New One was cajoled into going to get her with Dad but this recent mistrust that he had about mended meant that it was not a happy journey for any of them.

New One tried to think positively about his loved Lana but he was sure that anything mended was a bad thing and this stopped him from being able to welcome her home properly.  Lana seemed to notice New One’s distress and while she was happy to have her paw mended she looked distrustfully out from the plastic cone that had been secured upon her neck.  Maybe all was not well, she thought…

New One’s Mum and Dad both tried to get him to see sense.  Lana was mended, yes she looked slightly unLana like in her plastic accessory but it was only there to ensure that she did not lick at her newly repaired paw and in time she would heal enough to have that removed.  New One did not think it would and he convinced himself that the new Lana, the one with the mended paw, was now going to look like this and while he loved her this was another negative acceptance for him in the subject of something mended.

It was not until that evening that New One found out for himself that Lana being mended may not be a bad thing at all.  Lana who had been sadly keeping him company decided that a bit of a stretch and walk was in order.  She got up and with New One and Dad they set off…it had been so long that they had to avoid her favourite walk that it came as a bit of happy treat for all of them to be able to walk the much loved route again.  They had been aware of Lana’s poorly paw and had to avoid all rough terrain but as the vet had advised slowly they could allow her back on to the harder surfaces.

A lovely walk was had by all and on getting back Lana and New One both had a new found acceptance for what mended could do.  It could give you possibilities again and in time, as Mum and Dad had told him it would, Lana’s cone was removed and she became the brighter and more able companion he so truly loved.