Level Three. Me?

Level Three. Me?

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert was a good sort.  What was meant by this?  Well, Little Herbert attempted to always help others and he did this in any way that he could.  There was not much that at school he had not gotten involved in.  If it was a way of helping others then Little Herbert would be in, on and about it.

Little Herbert’s Dad owned a toy shop and he would sometimes host events where he would collect older or unwanted toys and then use them to fund a toy exchange for others who needed it.

It was that Little Herbert would get involved in most events but on this occasion he was going to be staying with his Grandad and could not attend.  At school he looked for volunteers who could go in his place and help but try as he might everyone seemed busy.

R V and New One, who both would have loved to help, had other commitments and neither could be there at the time when the toy exchange was being held.  Little Herbert had to admit that he did feel a bit let down by it all.  He had thought that everyone was enthused by the idea and encouraging but when he asked, no one could be there at the time that was needed.

Little Herbert decided that maybe he should tell his Grandad that he could not go to stay with him as the timing of it would mean that they could not get him back in time.  Unbeknown to him, his friends R V and New One had talked about it and Little Herbert’s lack of a thinking about me attitude.  They knew that his visits with Grandad were few and far between because of how far they lived apart.  There had been many reasons why others could not be there for the time of the toy exchange and instead they decided to make sure that they would be there for Little Herbert and for once he could think of himself and have his long awaited time with his Grandad.

Arrangements were made and Little Herbert’s Dad was told of the volunteers who had made themselves ready.  He in turn dissuaded Little Herbert from telling his Grandad that he could not go and see him.  A little while before the actual toy exchange and New One and R V approached their friend.  They told him that they knew how much it meant to him to help others and that they would like to do something for him.

That year the toy exchange had the most eager participants than it had ever had and there were so many toys that Little Herbert was appreciative of all the help that came with it.  Little Herbert was told of the great success and it made his time with Grandad all that more lovely, because when it mattered those who meant so much to him could show that they cared about what mattered most.