Level Three. Little Reminders.

Level Three. Little Reminders.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Things had not been at all smooth for RV of late. There was his difficulty in fitting in at school and then his short trial at taking on a big brother role. All in all R V had felt that his life had not been everything it should have been. Happiness had seemed to be a very distant far off prospect for him.

One of his friends suggested that RV think about solutions instead of finding problems with his experiences of late. It was that which got him thinking about the fact that school had become far more enjoyable ever since he had been given the task of aiding his friends. People liked him and RV was known by many as the go to guy if you wanted to get ahead at school.

It was good to feel accepted. RV walked the school like he had a purpose. At home he was loved and doted on by his mum and dad but he had felt a bit overwhelmed by the arrival of his little brother. He had until then been an only child.

RV had often thought about what it would be like to have a brother but the reality had not been quite what he had been expecting. He knew that he was the one who had gotten most of the love, affection and care from the mum and dad of the family, and that with the arrival of brother Dillon all that would change. He had not been prepared for quite how much life would alter.

RV felt like he should have been living the dream. Get up, go to school, get home and see his new brother, play with his friends, his games, be looked after by the mum and then when the dad would get home, their parent and child time would start.

Parent and child time was something that had been introduced to him since he was very little. It was a mutual agreement between R V and his dad that the garage conversion to Boy’s Play Room was used by the both of them, they had snooker competitions, Xbox multi player mode moments and lots and lots of fun! However, ever since little Dillon had been with them, everything had stopped.

Dillon had been a time eater and nobody got any say in that. Lately RV had felt as if he hardly seen anything of his mum and dad, let alone be with them at all. It took a bit of thinking and applying his school situation to that of his home one, to ultimately fix the problem.

At home RV took on the show them the way approach that he had been so adept at school in demonstrating and all of a sudden he could become far more hands on and less isolated. Instead of hanging back and being on his own, waiting for his parent’s attention, RV would get in and do all he could to help out the family.

Doing what he could meant that RV was engaged in tasks he would have previously felt left out of and he got to know his younger brother a lot better, in the process.