Level Three. Lend the Trend.

Level Three. Lend the Trend.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert took to most ideas at school without too much of a fuss.  He tried and attempted most subjects with eagerness.  It was the breaks and the lulls of the day that could cause the odd dilemma…

It was true that if something became liked, then loved, acceptable it was for that same activity, clothing accessory or idea to do the Lend the Trend all through the class.  Everybody would have a knowledge of it, if not have it and for Little Herbert sometimes this could be problematic.

It all started when Lend the Trend got everybody talking about wristlets.  Wristlets were these new, colourful bands that could be worn and indicate which side of the latest Superheroes TV series you were on.  Little Herbert knew which side he was on but he did not have the latest wristlet to prove it.  That is where things got complicated.

R V and New One both had their wristlets and far from wanting to tell them that he had not asked his dad about getting one, Little Herbert got his own colourful elastic band from the plastic box in Art class.  He wound this round so that it looked to all exactly the same as everyone else’s, the only problem was that it did not feel exactly the same.

Tight was his DIY wristlet and as the day went on, the feeling of it only got worse.  Little Herbert fidgeted and moved about so much in his seat that it made the few minutes of feeling included in the wristlet talk at break seem far off and away.  Poor Little Herbert did shuffle around so much that his teacher asked him what was wrong.

Quietly going up to her, the made up wristlet was shown and Little Herbert was taken aside.  It was an awful idea to use an elastic band as he had done and the teacher explained how he could have hurt himself.  Having removed the tight fitting band that had left a mark on Little Herbert, he had to admit that he felt bad about having done it.  Instead of providing him with a good feeling, the temporary mark left a permanent reminder of how bad it was to suffer to fit in.

Little Herbert was relieved to have the elastic removed from him and even though the wristlet talk did not go away for a little while, he was far happier to share in the talk about it with his friends rather than suffer with a made up version as he had earlier.  Wristlets soon enough were abandoned for the Superhero Tablet Cases that Little Herbert’s dad actually sold in his shop and so this time he was the one who could Lend the Trend first, and when it came to another favoured feature of break time talk, he decided how and if it made a focus in his life.