Level Three. Lana’s Yesterday.

Level Three. Lana’s Yesterday.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It was strange the way moments in life slowed down when something extra important was going on. New One almost held his breath as he approached the doors at the back of their house. He knew that if opened these doors would reveal the garden. Opened hundreds of times before the large wooden panels had not held this much appeal at any other minute in time but as New One got hold of the handle, released the lock and opened the barrier to the outside he knew that what he was doing could be a reason for excitement or for fear…

That rather interesting episode had been exactly how Lana had met New One.

New One had kept his eyes firmly shut as the something licked his face. Slowly he opened one eye, then both as he took in the sight of a gorgeous puppy on top of him. “What is going on out here?” New One and the puppy both guiltily looked up as the parents surveyed the scene. New One had not heard his dad come home, or clocked the fact that he had looked rather angry.

A flower pot had been knocked over, there were dirty puppy paw prints all over the floor, New One’s shirt had been torn and that was only what had happened in the first five minutes of the encounter. Having been sent upstairs, New One’s parents were downstairs discussing what was to be done about the uninvited visitor.

New One’s heart had been thumping faster and faster as thoughts of what his parents’ decision meant started to sink in. What if they didn’t let him keep the bundle of fun? He loved her, from the first minute their eyes had seen one another, with him laying on the floor and Lana looking down on him, New One knew that they were meant to be with each other.

The door to his bedroom opened and New One looked at each of his parents in turn.  Lana had been put back outside in the garden but the sound of her crying out was a sign that she was not pleased about it.  New One’s parents sat down on his bed and told him that he must not get too excited.  The puppy could belong to anyone and enquiries would have to be made.  New One looked at them with every bit of appeal that he could.  He begged with his eyes, he pleaded with his hands and asked them with all of his heart if he could keep Lana.

“Lana?”  New One’s mum asked in surprise.

“Yes.”  New One replied.  “I knew her name from the first minute I saw her.”

New One’s dad shrugged his shoulders in confusion and explained to his wife that the puppy had no name tag, he had looked thoroughly. On seeing the intent in New One’s face, his parents looked a little at a loss as to what to do. After having looked at each other with the expression only parents can give one another, New One could not believe his ears when they finally said that if when they made their enquiries no one claimed the puppy, if New One agreed to do everything asked of him and looked after all the puppy’s needs then they would have a trial run with her.

New One lay down to sleep filled with anticipation of what Lana and he could mean to one another. He knew that Lana would be his and that she would love her new home. New One’s parents had said that under no circumstance would she be sleeping indoors, his dad went out and made a make shift kennel for her that lasted all of ten minutes before it collapsed. Having agreed to have Lana on the landing but NOT under any circumstance in any of the bedrooms, her crying and pitiful expression had gone on all of seven and a half minutes before New One had a companion in his bedroom. No way was she to get up on any of the furniture New One’s Mum had warned and that was a five minutes before she peeped in to see a content New One and Lana curled up, fast asleep, both smiling on top of New One’s much loved Thomas The Tank bed.