Level Three. In Time.

Level Three – In Time.

By Michelle Lloyd.

A timely event was something that could be appreciated because of how and when it occurred. It was strange as a concept to some, and to those who were logically and most pragmatically minded, sometimes even viewed as an absurdity.

Little Herbert had heard many talk of a timely event before. He had given some thought as to how sometimes this kind of incident could be perceived.

Little Herbert’s dad had listened to his questions about what the significance of a timely event was and he had tried to explain, but to him it was complicated. His dad assured him that if he experienced something timely, then he may gain a more easily understood appreciation of it.

It had been an incredibly difficult time for Little Herbert because everything had appeared to be starting again, school was expecting him, homework had to be sorted through and routines became the norm again. He was expected to be efficient and prepared after such an extended time of doing things he had found intriguing and interesting and DIFFERENT.

Getting into a routine again had been upsetting for Little Herbert and he did not think it was too bad for people to know about it. He had moaned to his dad, friends and even at school he had made his thoughts known. Timely as an idea became an even more at odds concept for Little Herbert.

It was when he started to sit a test that Little Herbert started to think how badly he felt. He did not like this getting back into a routine at all. When he got to his house, it was after his preparation for English that Little Herbert noticed something in a magazine. A competition that he could enter had been put in there. He started to read all about the requirements of what he had to do to enter and all too soon he became aware that it was based on a question that he had only that day been informed about at school.

Having been taught about it and eager to enter he went to his dad, someone who said to him, well wasn’t that all very timely. When Little Herbert thought about it, he too had to agree that it most certainly had been.