Level Three. History.

Level Three. History.

By Michelle Lloyd.

History was one of the subjects that Little Herbert had loved since early on in life.  It was avidly that he would hear about the predicaments and epic civilisations of the past.  History was, for him, a way to look back in time.

It was not as easy for some of his friends to take to history class and while R V was excellent at maths, he struggled to get to grips with who did what and when in history.  New One was not exactly a fan of the feuds of fights of times gone by but he did well in his recall about momentous events.  Little Herbert though, had a passion, for learning and talking about past historical encounters.

Projects had been handed out to the class on a history quest.  All too soon R V found himself in the grips of a treasure hunt like no other.  Their teacher had hidden a prize in the school’s grounds but to find it, first the students had to locate historical based clues which they would have to put to together and work out, before they could get to the treasure.

A team of three, New One, R V and Little Herbert soon found themselves on the hunt for the history-themed treasure quest.  The first few clues were not too hard and R V found that he could muddle along and even help out with some of the answers.

As they went along the clues got harder and dates were required for certain events to get them closer to the hidden treasure.  R V found that part difficult and put on the spot he faced either looking as if he had no idea or if he said nothing, as if he was a hindrance to the rest of the group.  It gave him a bad feeling and he was all for giving in.  Little Herbert saw his friend struggle and instead of give him the answer which he had already worked out, he decided that maybe once and for all, he could change his mind about history.

Dates and names were historically based but that did not mean that they could have no relevance to the here and now.  This was something that Little Herbert wanted to show his friend, R V.  When they strained for an answer Little Herbert came up with a method of linking the important needed dates to numbers that were important for R V and to his life.  There were so many opportunities to do this, for example where there were dates that he could associate to favourite numbers or significant associations for R V, he would, and where there were likenesses to events then he would highlight those for him too…

It was fun to see how quickly R V took to naming and dating the clues correctly, all because he could see an important relevance to them.  Before they knew it, the three had finished going through the clues and were led to the ultimate moment that made their own history, they uncovered their win and a delicious prize was had by all.