Level Three. Grandpa saves the day.

Level Three. Grandpa saves the day.

By Michelle Lloyd.

At school discussion had been invested in occupations and what future objectives on the subject entailed. What did the idea of work mean to the class?

Responses to the idea of vocation and job varied. Certain members of the class felt that meaningful work represented charity jobs and others had experienced the value of GPs, lawyers and teachers in their lives. While their teacher was both happy and relieved to know that the role they had studied for and worked so hard at, had been acknowledged and appreciated, the discussion had started a debate about the importance of international versus work at home.

Strained and dissatisfied, the class could not decide on which careers should knock each other of their determined prime position. A competition of reward over effort and ideals instead of what the reality might be like, the class quickly lost all sense of what the initial question was about.

Fortunately, having turned up early to pick up Little Herbert, his grandpa was invited into the class. The teacher was very well acquainted with Little Herbert’s grandpa and having spoken at several school events, he was no stranger to getting involved with school business either.

Grandpa himself had an introduction by the teacher and a talk about inventions and the importance of learning about how need for an idea could mean everything about what he decided to work on. The very success or failure of any invention began with if it was needed or could provide a useful role in society or not.

Everybody in class knew of and loved Little Herbert’s grandpa and his inventions. That is why they took to heart his advice about valuing many different trades and professions. The dedication to research and knowledge for many work roles meant that there were such a lot of different working lives to appreciate.

At the end of the day, Little Herbert’s grandpa left the class feeling grateful to many different working professions and positive about the potential the class had in joining such a vast array of meaningful careers.