Level Three. FOMO.

Level Three. FOMO.

By Michelle Lloyd.

School was full of ideas to think about, issues to include in life and decisions about where one should be and what they should be doing. New One knew this and knew it well. He was often first in line to know about what everybody else was doing and he was usually thinking about doing it himself.

At home New One’s mum and dad knew what everybody else was doing because of his quite lengthy depictions of who had what at school and why it was soooooo needed in life. Often these depictions led to the said objects being acquired and then after a short while forgotten because another latest on trend appeal would become more needed.

It was a lived through example of how New One’s fear of missing out meant that he was inherently missing out on certain appreciable qualities, like events, experiences or processions having a sometimes all too temporary appeal. This was why when New One approached his parents with his latest advice on the object of his desire tweeted about by all his friends and that he should have or else he would be missing out, they told him that while it may well be trending at this time, he would have to make do with what he had already. New One was taken aback by their response and although he knew that his room was filled with Quite a Lot of objects he had hardly ever used he did not think that was any explanation as for why he should not have the latest object of his affection.

Having seen Lana the dog leave with Dad and New One’s obvious saddened attitude, mum tried to talk with New One. She explained that it could be almost impossible to keep up with what everybody else was doing or having all of the time. In fact, even the stress of the thought of it, seemed to turn him into a very different New One to the one they all knew and loved.

When New One thought about it later, he was reminded about how his friends had sometimes chided him about the same worry, and he had to relent that he did have the occasional tendency to fret about his FOMO.

New One made a decision, he had options and it was when he thought about it like this that he no longer felt trepidation at going to school without the latest on trend idea. It was excellent, it was extraordinary to New One because when he got to school he did hear a lot about other fascinating experiences, all re-told by his friends but instead of thinking enviously about those, he started to talk about his own family’s holiday plans and all the exciting events that they had planned. It was then that THEY started looking at him.  It took one to ask about what he had intended to do when they went on their family break and to exclaim that it looked like fun, then two started to become interested in the appeal of it and nearly all his class became intrigued by what New One had talked about and before all too soon he found that he was the one setting the trend.