Level Three. Do or Do Not.

Level Three – Do or Do Not.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert thought that the question of what to do in life was a simple one.  Either one liked to do it, had to do it or would not even attempt it.  Each category could be simplified and not much time should be spent on it.

Do or Do Not was only applicable for Little Herbert in the seconds and not the minutes.  He decided and then did or did not accordingly.  There was not much debate to be had about it

Little Herbert’s Dad had tried to tell him that not every time but some times there was a necessity to pause and think about what the consequences of a Do or Do Not could be…it was difficult because to Little Herbert and his friends New One and R V, time was not something that they thought needed to be wasted on any kind of difficult dilemma.

It was in the toy shop of his Dad that Little Herbert got into a bit of a sticky situation as he was asked if he would help out.  Little Herbert loved helping out in his Dad’s toy shop and so it became a priority for him and Do was decided and he agreed.  It was not until a little while into his helping out that Little Herbert got that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he only then remembered that he had forgotten to do the homework that had been assigned to him for that day.  It was difficult for him because he had decided to help out and he felt that it would be bad of him to then let his Dad down and so he said nothing.

The time went on and as it did, so did the chances of Little Herbert being able to get his homework done that evening.  As the routine of the evening took hold, he was tasked with the getting ready for and then the going to bed and it meant that all too soon the morning was upon him.

Little Herbert found that after having been dropped off at school he then was in a rush to try to start and finish, the what should have been done the night previously, homework.  It was a terrible hurry and in his haste he forgot to answer several of the questions.  Consequently when it was time to receive the marks for what he had handed in Little Herbert was sad but not surprised by his teacher’s comments.

That afternoon he had to arrange a meeting for his Dad to see his teacher and it was then that the homework was also brought up.  Poor Little Herbert felt bad as his efforts and failure to achieve a good mark were discussed.  Little Herbert’s Dad could not understand it and asked him what had happened.  It was at that point that the Do or Do Not came into question again as Little Herbert knew that it was right for him to tell his Dad what had gotten him into the situation.

Little Herbert’s Dad explained that one should always put thought into anything that they did or did not do because it could save them a lot of trouble later on.  Even if they did decide to make a decision in haste then he should always think again if it was necessary because an error could be rectified but only if he stopped and thought about it first.