Level Three – Depends.

Level Three – Depends.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert, New One and R V were out there, living like they loved it, young adults.  They knew what they thought about almost everything, a fact that was slightly to their parent’s annoyance.  If they had made a decision about something then each of them, Little Herbert, New One and R V were not that easily talked out of it.

The three had been taught to be able to recognise what they thought about different subjects but some would argue that they had taken this trait to a somewhat extreme degree.  To take an example when New One had been asked to take a different journey to school with his dad because of the road works he had said that it had put him totally out of kilter and he was not then able to study in his classes at all in school.  Apparently according to him the journey they would normally take took him past the outdoor sports stadium and that was where they would put up the scores of their previous matches, something that he had to look at and know before he could even contemplate a full day at school!  When R V had been approached with a replacement satchel for school, he had pointedly refused to alter from his old one.  Even the thought of it had sent shivers down his little spine because, horror of horrors, he was NOT having any other satchel but the one he was used to having with him.  Little Herbert similarly had issues with his dad when he was asked to detour from his routine of homework before television on one occasion because they had guests.  NO, was Little Herbert’s response to this suggestion as then he would have to do homework later on in the evening and everyone knew that he could not do that.

The three friends were firm in their likes and dislikes.  It was because of this that the parents had to get together and discuss how they could introduce their young adults to the idea of alteration.

This alteration attempt did not go down well with New One, Little Herbert or R V.  Each refused to listen to how sometimes it was necessary to alter what you liked because of either need or preference.  You could find that many likes were based on what you depend on the parents explained and how were they ever to know if they liked something else if they did not try it?  This was the question of Little Herbert’s dad to him and in response came another question from the young adult.  How could he be so sure that this alteration from what he liked was right for him?

No talk was met with agreement from New One, R V or Little Herbert.  It was at school one day that R V found his satchel, the very same that his mother had tried to get him to replace, gave out on him and this left him and all his belongings scattered on the floor.  Not a situation he wanted to be in when his friends were all looking on.  More out of desperation than desire he resorted to the extra satchel that his mother had insisted on being kept for him at school.  He tried it, he used it for most of his day and he had to admit although only to himself, that he did like the newer satchel.

It was later when R V met up with Little Herbert and New One that he admitted his replacement satchel had improved on his experience in the day.  Both New One and Little Herbert were reluctant to agree that alteration from their depended on likes and dislikes could be acceptable to them.  It was hard to keep saying no when R V had been so pleased with his altered satchel and so it was that the three friends all began to fluctuate from their depended on decisions.  Needless to say, for all three, this agreement to some alterations meant much, much more improvements for each of them.