Level Three. Bad or Not?

Level Three. Bad or Not?

By Michelle Lloyd.

The toy shop that Little Herbert’s dad owned had recently been asked to send back some defected toys.  It had been a matter of fact event for dad but for Little Herbert he had been interested to know why the toys had to be sent back and what the implications of this kind of situation meant.  Interviews were needed, just as he had seen them done on his new favourite Detective show and Little Herbert’s dad was on hand to give his side of the story.

Little Herbert was keen to use his latest gifts from his birthday and amongst them was a most useful voice recorder.  Off he went to interview and investigate.

It had been interesting for Little Herbert to hear about what the problem was and how it was being rectified.  Stressed to him by his dad was the fact that he should not be worried about what had happened, it was a once in a long time incident.

Little Herbert had head all about the loose button on one of the toy’s control panels and it had intrigued him.  He had not intended to talk about it to anyone but his thoughts started to increase and with them came the need to ask a lot of questions.

Questions led to conversation upon conversation and the school yard soon became a hotbed of discussion about the called back toys and Little Herbert’s dad who had the much talked of toyshop.

On mass parents started to talk about what the defected toys meant for the future of toy buying?  Did they really need to invest in toys that were potentially harmful and did the future mean that online gaming, something that almost everybody was used to, should be where their children’s allocated playtime went?

It did not take long before Little Herbert’s dad had to have a little talk with his son.  The small incident that had meant to be kept SMALL had grown completely out of proportion and become very big indeed.  Little Herbert had to admit that he had started all the talk on the topic and he was not at all sure how to rectify this new problem.  Luckily Little Herbert’s dad had a plan of action!

The toyshop held a special event and hosting it was Little Herbert and his dad.  The idea had arisen from the playground talk of the parents, their worries and fears could be allayed and trust could be regained.  Online gaming was all well and good but with toys came the opportunity to go out and play, to be social in a face to face way with parents and friends.

This time Little Herbert put his Detective skills to use in favour of listening and learning before looking to leap to any conclusions.  He talked to the gathering in the toyshop and in learning about many of their experiences, similar to that of his own, the many good memories of what toys had meant became the reason for multiple positive decisions in their favour.  There had been picnics with kites and building of sailing boats that then went off to show what they could do in parks and stately home grounds, much to the relief of Little Herbert what had started off as an out of control conversation became a useful discussion for both parents and children and toys were at the positive heart of it all.