Level Three – Achievement.

Level Three.  Achievement.

By Michelle Lloyd.


What to do for many was an important task to know,

if you had your objectives set then about them you could go.

It was all that New One had seen of many people in his class,

all they did was do what was needed for the time to pass.

New One knew that Little Herbert was keen to get things right,

he did not go about things lightly but did them with all his might.

Little Herbert had struggled to do what other students did,

he had played up and acted out in an aim of his classes to be rid.

New One had tried to do for him all he could do,

but when a teacher took time with him it had altered what he knew.

Little Herbert soon found out his answer was not in disliking school at all,

in learning how he could about many subjects he could be enthralled.