Level One. You and Me.

Level One – You and Me.

By Michelle Lloyd.

The task was set and the project did appeal,

but all too soon daunting did the prospect feel.

A school play was the objective and that was the aim,

but working on staging alone had not been the same.

Nigel had agreed he would finish the artwork for the set,

but with such little time to curtains up not all aims had been met.

The play was going to be staged in front of all the school,

Nigel had not enough time to get everything ready and felt the fool.

Instead of asking for help he stuck to trying to get it all done,

it was up to him he felt and he had to do it despite it not feeling any fun.

Little time, lots of stress and Nigel was surround in lots of mess,

Who could help him?  That was the question but about it he would not guess.

Happily Sammy saw what the problem was with the task,

he saw Nigel’s predicament and did not need about it to ask.

He was needed and so into helping mode he would go,

that was how the school could stage the much awaited show.

Poor Nigel did at first feel as if he had failed,

but in having help from Sammy the project was nailed!

It was success that saw Nigel and Sammy get all the artwork done,

because of the joint effort in the preparation there was lots of fun.

Nigel learnt that sometimes in times of distress one had to ask,

because with a bit of help there may be no problem with any task.