Level One. Write.

Level One – Write.

By Michelle Lloyd.

A Bunny he was and happy in his life was he,

but sometimes he imagined all the other things he would like to be.

A bunny policeman, a fireman, teacher too,img048 (3)

sometimes he imagined he was a kindly keeper at a Zoo.

It was difficult for bunny to do all that he loved to do,

to arrest criminals, be heroic and it was all too much for him he knew.

Bunny was never one who was too quick to make friends,

he felt awkward, shy and hardly knew how to make amends.

At school Bunny was learning how to read and write,

it was useful to be able to write all about his imaginary sights.

Bunny imagined all the tales he loved to act out,

and these he would most happily write about.

These imaginary ideas became known as Bunny’s Tales,

at school he would read them as his imagination would not fail.

Friends and family soon learnt of what Bunny could do,

at assembly many would gather to hear all that he knew.

It was a way for Bunny to tell people who he was inside,

When Bunny learnt to write, he no longer felt that his ideas he had to hide.

It was when Bunny learnt to write,

that was when with his friends he could share all his imaginary sight.