Level One. Working Through it.

By Michelle Lloyd.

If it was daunting or difficult then this puppy would simply refuse,

he felt that there was no time to waste or lose.

Learning could be hard and so on occasion he would have to say,

no, I cannot do it and firmly would he wave the problem away.

Many had tried but many had failed,

for some it was too much of an obstacle and they had gone and bailed.

It took one dog to take it simply in her stride,

and from this important issue she would simply not hide.

She took her young pup and laid it out for him to know,

in life there were times when you had to work through it fast or slow.

The art was in learning, attempting and becoming aware,

that in every problem there was an answer to share.

Puppy could try and even if he did not get it right the first time around,

the important part was to learn from what he had found.