Level One. The Nifty Nap.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Each and every time the same,

but for this poor hoglet it all seemed far too much of a shame.

Napping, he had decided was not for him,

he wanted to be out and about, making a bit of a din!

Oh no, but each and every time that same urge came,

instead this hoglet was sent to bed, and told to end the game.

Think of all those hours, and those minutes even more,

why waste all that time having an old snooze and snore?

It did not make any sense to him and he found it hard to do,

but this time as a hoglet he thought to try something new.

At time for bed this hoglet tried to hide himself away,

instead he turned to yet more games and tried he did to play.

Despite all the signs that his body his way sent,

the little hoglet about his games and to play he went.

Before he knew it his eyes were opening and a nap he seemed to have had,

but in return of all the refreshment in his mind and body he was glad.

A nifty nap enabled him to play longer and more eagerly too,

for a bit of a snooze made sure that his body could see the night through.