Level One. Talking Tech.

Level One. Talking Tech.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Talking Tech almost everybody did and all through the day,

tablets, laptops and phones was the focus of what they would say.

Means of conversation, gaming, information and more,

there seemed a lot on these Tech focused devices to explore.

That is why Hoglet decided to get on his own mode of tech,

but accidently while tapping buttons a file of his Mum’s he did wreck.

Oh no, Talking Tech had not prepared him at all for this mess,

about it he did not feel that he could or should confess.

Instead little Hoglet tried more screens to unlock,

along with the actions beat the seconds on the clock…

All too soon did Hedgehog Mum to her laptop return,

her expression soon from puzzled became rather stern.

Hoglet was beside himself with remorse and regret,

but it all seemed too late to fix and he got a bit upset.

Hedgehog Mum did not take Hoglet to task as he thought she would,

instead she went to the recovery file and rescued what she could.

Hoglet learned a lesson about Talking Tech that he had not known before,

that he should listen and learn about what he could do on them a little bit more.

Talking Tech could be marvellous but it was only useful if he had learnt what he could do,

this was something Hoglet learnt and added to the life lessons he already knew.