Level One. School Work.

Level One. School Work.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Nigel was not super slow nor was he really fast,

but what marks he made, he ensured that they would last.

His school work was an example of much he did in life,

he handled it all with minimal stress or strife.

If Nigel had a problem that he had to solve,

he saved his strength and used his mindful resolve.

He did not rush at anything, instead he would give it a bit of a think,

did he have any knowledge in his memory, that to the puzzle he could link?

Answers were not always easy but for Nigel come what may,

he would use a mind map to remember his own way.

Linking memorable reminders of what he had learnt in school,

he then used this technique as a memory mind aid tool.

It was fun to think of colours, objects and personal scenarios,

and associate these to the lessons that he learnt on the go.