Level One. Puppy basket.

Level One – Puppy basket.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Into the puppy blanket the puppies they were all tucked in,

it was 1 – 0 in the game of playtime and it was sleep that had the win.

It was puppy nap time for all but one of the furry few,

all slept soundly except for the one who of sleep nothing knew.

He was the puppy who was mad for life and all that he could be,

he was up and at it and eager for lots of loving games to see.

The problem with no sleep puppy was that he woke his siblings too,

wake each of them slowly and so puppy wake time would ensue.

Puppies up and on the go, bit by bit, their tiredness would show,

nap deprived puppy one by one would start to nod off and to sleep go.

No sleep puppy was not happy and try to wake everyone up he would,

but he knew that this was wrong and that try to sleep he should.

It was a problem to try to sleep with no sleep puppy and this was true until,

puppy basket was introduced to the puppies and it was sleep 1 play nil.

Puppy basket was comfy and filled with a sleep time fun,

smelling lovely, feeling cosy and it even sent to sleep a no sleep puppy one.