Level One. Nap or not?

Level One. Nap or not?

By Michelle Lloyd.

To nap or not was the question of the day,

though it filled Millie Monkey with utter dismay.

There were just too many tasks at hand, much fun to fill her time,

was wanting to stay awake and play really such a crime?

Yes it was if you asked her mummy monkey who wanted her to sleep,

she had focused her daughter’s attention on the benefits of rest so deep.

No, thought Millie Monkey in response to all things rest,

surley she could carry on and keep up with activities full of vim, vigour and zest.

To and fro went the sleep debate until Millie Monkey could protest no more,

her heavy, sleepy eyelids gave way to an almighty loud Jungle awakening snore!

Ultimately when nap time was over and Millie Monkey had awoken once more,

she had to admit that she felt the better for it, both her mind and body were restored.