Level One. Measure.

Level One. Measure.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Sizes, lengths and shapes all seemed fine enough,

but accuracy in the ratios of them was slightly tough.

A pup who looked at life in easy get-to-know-you ways,

he had a bit of difficulty in learning measurement days.

As long as he knew what was where, he felt that was good,

he did not want to push it any further than he felt he should…

But, try hard did his owners to keep him in the know,

they taught him how far he should take things and how far to go.

Lessons they kept mounting on walks, lengths and times for this,

poor puppy felt that about it all he was slightly amiss.

It took time to learn the routine and skills of analysing size,

but before too long puppy of the benefits did realise.

Instead of going out of bounds or scaling objects far too large for him,

he found that if he looked and learnt he no longer had to go out on a limb.