Level One. Live and Learn.

Level One. Live and Learn.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Live and learn at life did little Laddie,

struggle he did at not always being allowed to be free.

Free he was not to jump up on the couch,

he had to sit up straight, be obedient and do not slouch!

Lessons all that he had taken to heart,

but from his little Laddie weaknesses he could not always part!

This was why when no one was looking Laddie could often be caught,

scoring in the game of Life Lessons a bit of a lowly nought.

Laddie would strive to do as well as he could,

but there were those sneaky times when he did not always do as he should.

Even on those occasions Laddie would learn about compromise,

because the good thing about Life’s Lessons was the opportunity to become wise.

Wisdom did not always come at the first attempt at all,

it was something that could grow with you as those Life Lessons install.