Level One. Jam.

Level One – Jam.

By Michelle Lloyd.

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Jam, it was the one thing R V loved to eat,

full of taste and sweetness, it was a real treat.

If he could R V would have jam from morning till night,

he had eaten it, loved it and now thought to eat jam all day was his right!

R V’s Mum had told him you could not only eat jam, she thought he had understood,

jam was only fair and good if eaten at the times one should.

R V thought he knew more,

he took the jam and ate until his tummy grew sore.

Tired and sad he fell asleep,

out of R V there was not a single peep.

As R V slept the mice did play,

finally they could have a say.

Their say was about jam and lunch,

the Mummy mouse took a bit of jam on a spoon for her baby’s brunch.

The brunch time snack was enjoyed by all, both Mummy and child,

but when R V woke he was not so reasonable or mild.

R V’s Mum told him he should have learnt his lesson now,

when given advice on eating jam, he should listen, be good and not with his Mum row.