Level One. Health.

Level One. Health.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It wasn’t that he had been playing or neglected to do school work of late,

it wasn’t that the Xbox scoreboard had worked him up into a nervous state.

It was not that he had put his school assignments to the back of his mind,

he had thought school work hidden from parents, was him being kind.


When New One claimed illness and on his desk he did sprawl,

both Little Herbert and R V were left shocked by the suddenness of it all!

He was taken out of class to be on the safe side,

and his smile at having left the test was hard for him to hide.


Later, guilt and anxiousness was by New One felt, it had to be said,

as he was taken along the halls and from class to the sick room led.

He had slight doubts about the way certain things had panned out,

he should have done things differently, but it was surely too late to worry about.


All of a sudden the fake illness seemed like the worst idea he ever had,

being left out of everything just made him feel sad.

It was as he thought this, that the door opened and took him by surprise,

his friend RV had caught him out and all too late did he realise.


When New One’s mum and dad found out about his illness there was no mystery,

the Xbox was banned until about the way he did his school work, they were both happy.

New One learnt, you may think something far worse than if you actually saw it through,

because you could give up so much, and many needless things you may have to do.